May 31st, 2012

Thursday, May 31st, 2012 09:35 pm
Title: Zo teken je een Dinosaurus, een pterosaurus en andere voorhistorische dieren (Seriously, who made up that title?! O.o)
Original title: Let's draw Dinosaurs
Author: Bruce Robertson (art), Sue Pinkus (text)
Language: Dutch
Series: Not mentioned, but I have another one that has the same layout and format.
Format: Paperback
Pages: 143
Publisher: Gaade
Year published: original 1990, my edition 1994
ISBN number: 90601755549
Topic of the book: How to draw (Dinosaurs)
Reason for reading: I believe it's my 3rd How to draw book and I loved Dinosaurs as a kid
Recommended: Not really....

Back cover text:

“Maak kennis met de verbazingwekkende prehistorische reuzedieren. Ontmoet de ongelooflijke sterke tyrannosaurus, de diplodocus met de lange staart en de gehoornde triceratops. Ontdek hoe je ze tot leven brengt met potlood, viltstift, krijt of verf.
Dit boek verklapt je de geheimen hoe je makkelijk een dinosaurus en al die andere dieren kunt tekenen. Ook staat er in dit boek wat je allemaal kunt doen met je tekeningen als ze klaar zijn.”

“Meet the amazing prehistoric giant-animals. Meet the incredibly strong tyrannosaurs, the diplodocus with its long tail and the horned triceratops. Discover how you can make them come to life with pencil, marker, crayon or paint.
This book reveals the secrets how easy you can draw a dinosaur and all those other animals. It even mentions in this book what you can do with your art when they are done.”

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Thursday, May 31st, 2012 09:53 pm
(I took care to give no obvious spoilers about the story)

Title: Ranma 1/2 #1 (on Librarything)
Original title: らんま1/2
Author: Takahashi Rumiko
Language: English (original = Japanese)
Series: Ranma 1/2 (which is published in 38 volumes in Japanese, 36 volumes in English)
Format: paperback, left-to-right (so, flipped from the original Japanese)
Pages: 300
Publisher: VIZ
Year published: original 1988, my edition 2004
ISBN number: 1569319626
Topic of the book: manga, gender-changing
Reason for reading: I got the first three volumes from a friend and as I reaaaaaally like the Inuyasha series by the same author, I did want to read Ranma as well!
Recommended: Yes!

Back cover text:
A one-two punch of action and comedy by one of Japan's most beloved creators!
Teenaged martial artist Ranma Saotome went on a training mission with his father one day... well, actually they'd been training for years, but this day was different. At a legendary training ground in China, the two had a little accident.
A fall into some cursed springs triggered a transformation. Now, every time Ranma is splashed with cold water, he changes into a girl. His father, Genma, when splashed, changes into a panda! Does this complicate their lives? You bet!
Battle of the sexes
Years ago, Genma promised his old friend Soun Tendo that Ranma would marry one of Soun's three daughters, and carry on the family's martial arts school. Except that the girl picked to be Ranma's bride doesn't seem to like him, Ranma keeps getting into fights... and did we mention that whole changing into a girl thing?

Comments on the back cover text:
Of course I didn't read the back cover text beforehand :P But I knew that he'd change into a girl when splashed with water, I just didn't know why. But it's told quite early on in the story anyway.

First page:
Mailman: "Mr. Tendo! Your mail!"
Postcard: Hi. Bringing Ranma from China. Saotome.
Mr. Tendo: "R-Ranma? Coming here? Oh, how I've w-w-waited for this day!"

Comments on the first paragraph:
The text on the postcard is also left in Japanese: らんまをつれていく。中国にて。早乙女だよ~ん。
For the rest, Japanese text is mostly edited out of the images.

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