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Wednesday, June 19th, 2013 09:59 pm
Title: De ontmoeting
Author: Marique Maas (pseudonym of Esther Verhoef)
Language: Dutch
Series: yes; "Muren van Glas"
Format: Dwarsligger
Pages: 526 (333 in regular book)
Publisher: Uitgeverij Dwarsligger and De Boekerij
Year published: June 2013
ISBN number: 9789049802653
BookCrossing ID: 11983001
Topic of the book: erotica for women
Reason for reading: I got chosen by the publishers to review this book.
Recommended: Yes.

Back cover text:
"Muren van glas: een sensueel liefdesverhaal vol zinderende erotiek"
Als Nadine de Jong de beroemde ontwerper Daniel Holland ontmoet, springt de vonk over. De dominante Daniel sleept Nadine mee in zijn wereld van glitter, glamour en erotische fantasie├źn. Ze volgt hem naar luxehotels en sterrenrestaurants en vergezelt hem op de rode loper. Geleidelijk verliest Nadine de grip op haar leven en gaandeweg begint bij haar de vraag te rijzen: is dit liefde, of alleen maar lust?
"De ontmoeting" is het eerste deel van de reeks "Muren van glas rondom Daniel Holland en Nadine de Jong"

Comments on the back cover text:
For me, it sounds pretty creepy to me that Nadine gets swept of her feet by Daniel, and that she looses the grip of her life. And the text on the back of the book makes me wonder if I would dare to read this book in public :)

First paragraph:
Het is acht uur in de ochtend. Mijn hoofd bonkt, mijn lijf voelt zwaar. Mijn oogleden willen alleen maar dichtvallen. Ik had voor vertrek meer koffie moeten drinken; die dubbele espresso was niet genoeg. Dat krijg je ervan als je de halve nacht doorwerkt en er om zes uur weer uit moet.

Comments on the first paragraph:
A pretty normal start; could be any kind of story!


I was very curious about the 'Dutch answer to "50 Shades of Grey". I was not happy at all about that book, in which IMHO the writer portraits a very unhealthy relationship between a young woman and a successful man, who her controls and dominates in all possible ways. In real life this would be a case of women's abuse, so the enthusiasm for "50 Shades" I find sad. We modern women should not be so enthralled by such a creep.
I was hoping that Marique Maas, a pseudonym for the successful Dutch writer Esther Verhoef, would be able to write a modern erotic story about a more 'healthy' relationship. I've dissected her book, and was not unhappy with it.
The female heroine, Nadine de Jong, is a young women who has a small food catering company with two friends. She often questions her relationship with her lover Daniel Holland, who is a very, very successful interior designer. Daniel introduces her into a glamorous life and in his erotic fantasies, which don't include BDSM but are more like doing it in places where you can be seen by others. He doesn't ask much of her, but he gives orders. And Nadine surprises herself how eagerly she does what he wants of her.
Daniel isn't such a creep as that man in "50 Shades". He does say things that give me the chills, and he doesn't like to tell Nadine about his past. Nadine suspects that he has more lovers besides her.
I was happy that Nadine can think. She didn't loose sight of her family and her work. Also, I liked it that food played a big role in this book. And that the setting is in Holland, with trips to places in Europe.

Writing style:
The book is an easy read. The chapters are not very long with also not very long sentences. It took me less than two days to finish the story.

A classy looking modern erotic novel for woman, which has a less creepy couple in it.

I don't think I'm gong to re-read this book.

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