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Saturday, October 13th, 2012 01:11 pm
This is our first guest-review. The one who wrote it will remain anonymous, but we shall call her P. for now. P. is 11 years old and lives in the Netherlands. She only recently learned English at school, so yes, the grammar and spelling are not amazing. Please keep that in mind when you're reading this. I hope we will receive more reviews from her, so we can all see her grow.

Title: Mermaid Melody, Pitchi Pitchi Pich (all 7 manga volumes)
Original title: マーメイドメロディーぴちぴちピッチ (Māmeido Merodī Pichi Pichi Pitchi)
Author: Written by Michiko Yokote, Art by Pink Hanamori
Language: English
Reviews for other books in this series (up till now): None
Format: Manga volume
Pages: Depends on the volume and they are not numbered
Publisher: Del Rey
Year published: All English editions were bought right after the release (2006-2007)
ISBN number: Volume 1: 9780345491961 , Volume 2: 9780345491978 , Volume 3: 9780345491985, Volume 4: 9780345491992 , Volume 5: 9780345492005 , Volume 6: 9780345492012 , Volume 7: 9780345492029
Topic of the book: Magical Girl, Shoujo, Mermaids, Idols, Singing
Reason for reading: P. saw the anime and wanted to read the manga, which Kitty Ocean owned. This is the first manga P. read.
Recommended: Yes

Back cover text:

I (Kitty Ocean) won't list all the back cover text, but will summarize the story for you, before we head over to the review. Luchia is a mermaid princess who gave away her magical pearl to save a human boy. However, without her pearl, she can never become a true princess and goes to shore to find that boy and her pearl. Meanwhile, strange things are happening in the seas, as mermaid princesses are captured by an unknown foe...

The review:

Mermaids are cute water humans, that's because i read the books. I like the personality from some characters. Someone's have got fun and cute personality's, and someone's have bad personality's. I like the forbidden love relationschip between Luchia and Kaito.

The books (manga’s) are diffrent than other books (manga's), not only that you have to read it from the other side but the personality's frome some characters. That's great!

The drawings are pretty and good. I like the drawingstyle of the manga's. The lines are pretty tight, the lines who created the mermaid’s are beatufull. I respect the man/women who have make those wonderfull drawings.

The mermaid melody books(manga's) are funny to read. the jokes are hilarious, but their are shamefull moments to :P.

This review is mean for all the 7 mermaid melody's that i have read!

And for those who have a bit of trouble understanding what P. means, I (Kitty Ocean) asked her what she meant with some parts.

P. loved the personalities from the characters; some were cute and funny, while others were mean and dark. She really liked the forbidden love between Luchia and Kaito.

This was the first time P. read manga and the first time she read something from right to left. That's what she means with 'you have to read it from the other side'. She also noticed that the personalities of the characters were really different from the other books (with words, not manga) she read. I know she reads quite a lot of teen-novels, so the characters from Mermaid Melody were really different from the other books she read thus far. I guess that says something ^_^.

P. really loved the art and she thinks the lines were solid and beautiful. She respects/admires Pink Hanamori for the work she created.

She enjoyed the jokes in the book and loved the embarrassing moments of the characters. “their are shameful moments” – there are embarrassing moments. If you read the manga, you know Kaito can be a bit pervy ^_^.

And for those who are confused by the last line: the review is meant for the entire series. :) The review is not mean, silly review... ;)


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